By now, absolutely everyone knows what WhatsApp is. However, not everyone knows that the messaging and chat app is not only designed to run on Android and iPhone smartphones, but that it can also be installed on a PC to run on the desktop as part of an official application not developed by other companies.

Downloading the WhatsApp for Windows client is a reality.

So, users who asked to be able to chat from the PC desktop as they already did with other alternatives to WhatsApp such as Telegram, LINE or Facebook Messenger are ultimately satisfied. With WhatsApp Messenger for PC you can do almost the same actions as on the phone.

Follow your mobile chat conversations on your computer.

How WhatsApp works on the computer

Do you remember WhatsApp Web, the web version of the app? The two versions are similar. If the webapp was running on a browser window where you had to read a QR code with the phone by selecting the Web Settings option, this case is similar: you need to start the app and read the QR code with the phone. In reality it is simply a browser dedicated exclusively to chat software.

All the contacts and conversations will be present as on the smartphone so you can continue the conversations in progress. The disadvantage of this version is that your phone must stay connected and have an Internet connection.

Forget about stories like Plus, Desktop and others: this is the official app.

Main features

This Windows version of WhatsApp has the following key features and functionality:

  • Send messages to your contacts.
  • Administer your groups.
  • Send photos and videos from your hard drive or taken with the webcam.
  • Configure user options.
  • Record text messages with the computer’s microphone.
  • Record conversations directly on the PC.
  • Sober and functional interface.
  • Search for text in conversations.
  • Receive notifications on the desktop.

You won’t have to worry about the phone, you will be able to follow your conversations on the desktop.

As you can see, this is only an export of the application to the desktop. So you will continue to know who is writing to your couple or who your friend is talking to… stop being a spy, come on.

How many users are using WhatsApp?

What’s amazing is that this Android version is so long overdue because it is the most famous chat software in the world according to company data: over a thousand million users since February 2016. It is the most used in several countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy or Germany.

The figure attracts attention because the company was acquired by Facebook at an exorbitant price of 21,000 million dollars (divided into money and social network shares) which also has its Messenger, also installed in millions of smartphones. In other words, Facebook controls a huge percentage of mobile communications around the world.