Having good software to create and mix music is not as expensive as some people think. There are software programs to harness musical creativity with lots of tools and resources and Virtual DJ is one of them, which also incorporates video editing features for videoDJs.

DJ software with over 20 years of experience

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, users who are new to DJ software will immediately know how to use the most common options. Simply open the folder where the songs are located and drag them to the track where you want it to sound. From there, just add effects, set or change the BPM, make loops, scratches and all the rest.

Free software but with professional options and features.

In fact, its design is studied to the millimetre, with divisions by work area: on the upper part you will find the players and the options for controlling the wave, pitch or CUE; on the lower part you can access the different directories of the hard disk where you can see the covers and quickly access the playlists.

Main features

It is one of the most complete audio mixing software. It is equipped with the following options and features:

  • Ability to mix sound and video.
  • Scratch.
  • Locator of 3 CUE points per track.
  • Support for up to 99 decks.
  • Recording of musical sessions.
  • Creation of playlists.
  • Sandbox or safe mixing area.
  • Creation of loops of variable duration.
  • Playback and pitch control.
  • Built-in mixer with EQ and gain control.
  • Master tempo, auto mix and BPM detector options.
  • Sample launcher with 14 audio effects, 12 video effects and almost 20 different transitions.

A full repertoire of options that turn your PC into a complete mixer.

Song mix always under control

This software allows you to always control the mix of songs. Among other things thanks to the sandbox, among other things, the DJ can mix tracks at the same time as the audience listens to another song. In this independent workspace he will be able to prepare the next mix with the confidence of knowing that it will be just the way he wants.

Built-in editors

Another of the main features available is the wide range of editors available:

  • AutoMix: allows you to prepare a mixing sequence that you can also remember for the future, so that when mixing two tracks unless you specify otherwise, the software will automatically enter and exit at the same points.
  • Track Cleaner: allows you to edit songs by removing lyrics, intros or anything else you consider secondary.
  • Video Editor: possibility to add text or audio effects to a video. It is obviously designed for videodjing.
  • Sample Editor: allows you to adjust most samples, be it sound, video and image, and even combine them.
  • Point of Interest Editor: These points of interest (POI) are the CUE, AutoMix points, loops, etc. that are set for each song.
  • BPM Editor: Allows you to set the beat per minute of the songs, even of different beats in the same song.
  • Tag Editor: With the tags you can group the different songs according to different criteria and retrieve them easily when you need them.

How much does Virtual DJ cost?

There are different versions of VirtualDJ with different prices depending on the use:

  • VirtualDJ Home: it is designed for users who don’t give it any professional use.
  • VirtualDJ LE: for advanced home users who connect the software to professional equipment such as MIDI controllers. It comes with the controller and the price changes depending on the model.
  • VirtualDJ Plus: for professionals. Its price ranges from $49 to $249.
  • VirtualDJ PRO: to be purchased as part of a monthly subscription of $19 or an annual payment of $299. It is also dedicated to professional users and the advantage is that you can count on custom configurations and definitions for the controller used, transmit via the Internet to a radio server or use a recording for podcasting.