If you haven’t heard of TikTok then you’re not in this world… Or that you’re over 25, it’s possible. This is the social network that has entered more strongly in recent times, managing to be as popular among young people as Instagram or Snapchat at the time. In fact, even Facebook has created an identical alternative with Lasso, but we don’t know if there has been a trial buy as there was at the time with Snapchat.

One way or another, the reality is that TikTok – musical.ly has become one of the phenomena of the moment, competing with the aforementioned social networks and finding its place among the younger ones.

Create short videos with music

The secret of TikTok’s success lies mainly in the concept: the user can record short videos and add music to them. Of course, you can also edit them with filters and effects and paste them together. And when you publish them on your profile, as happens for example on Instagram, the rest of the users can comment or react, in addition to following the creator. And all this in a matter of seconds: in less than a minute you can shoot a video and publish it for your followers.

Here are the main features of the application:

  • Easy recognition on image capture.
  • High quality video recording and playback.
  • The most advanced technology for editing and applying filters and effects.
  • Huge music library selected daily by the app editors.
  • Create your user profile with your email, Google account or Facebook profile or follow other tiktokers.
  • React to content created by others and comment on it if you want.

And how do I download TikTok for PC?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a native TikTok application for Windows 10 yet, but if it ever comes out, don’t worry that we’ll give it to you so you’ll be the first to use it. In the meantime, here is the most convenient alternative for you to use it on the computer desktop.

When you click on How to download’s Download button, you will be able to get a file compressed with BlueStacks, the best Android emulator available, and the APK file of the application. Simply, you need to install the emulator and once you run it, load the application file. Immediately, it will install and you will be able to start it as if you were avoiding on an Android or iPhone but with the convenience of being able to use the mouse and keyboard.