If you wake up every morning wanting to become another person, with another life, another job, other friends, another personality and even another couple, in addition to confirming that you should ask yourself some questions, we offer you a video game that can help you relieve your situation, even if it’s just a few hours a week. Of course, we’re talking about The Sims franchise and, specifically, the fourth game in the series, The Sims 4 Create a Sim, where you can live a virtual life far removed from reality again and become a totally different person.

Live a new life in front of the PC.

This new edition brings many technological advances over the previous versions, especially in terms of the artificial intelligence of the characters, but the biggest novelty is the new Sims creation system, much more intuitive, but also much more complete, which allows us to model our character down to the last detail, choosing his personality, ethnicity, hairstyle, features and clothing. You will be able to create an avatar in your own image, or a character totally opposite to you.

Where to buy and play The Sims 4

As you know, all parts of this saga of social and life simulation video games are developed by Electronic Arts (yes, the same ones that release a new version of FIFA every year). And like most video games created and marketed by the American company, this one can be bought and downloaded through its official software distribution platform called Origin.

All you need to do is create an account if you don’t have one, giving some contact details, to be able to register in the service and download the demo of this game. If the demo version is not enough for you, you can buy the full game, either in Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition (with more digital content). How much does it cost? The first one costs around 60 euros, while the second one costs just under 70 euros.

Only available for PC and Mac.

And if you’re wondering what platforms and operating systems are compatible with the game, it’s only available for Windows PCs and Apple computers with MacOS. Neither PlayStation, Xbox, nor any console or mobile device. However, you can download a companion app for Android in APK and iPhone format from their respective official stores.

Main features and new features

  • Create and control new characters, smarter than ever.
  • Characters with very different and distinct personalities and a new range of emotions.
  • Build the house of your dreams and explore the neighborhood.
  • New mascots and animals to accompany you throughout your virtual life.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence to give the characters more feelings and unpredictable reactions.
  • Very personalized sandbox world where everything is possible.
  • New Create a Sim and Build Mode design to make sim generation and building easier and more intuitive than ever.
  • New and increasingly vibrant neighborhoods, with great social life and community places to entertain your avatars.
  • Share your creations with The Sims 4 community and download contributions from other players.
  • Unlock prizes and rewards with the completion of various missions and events.
    New free content added with each new update: pools, ghosts, new professions, etc.

Extensions for Los Sims 4

One of the favorite characteristics of fans of this video game is that despite having already been around for many years (it was initially launched in 2014 for PC but didn’t arrive on macOS until 2015), Electronic Arts publishes expansion packs with assiduity. With it, the player increases the original features of the game and can make petitions to include new professions, new life forms, new buildings, new abilities and new cities.

The final expansion to The Sims Part 4 was released at the end of 2016 with the name City Life, inspired by a new world, San Myshuno, where we can discover new professions such as politician and social media, and new tricks and skills for our characters. The truth is that this is the best extension launched so far, over At Work and Living Together.