Teamfight Tactics is a game created by the developers of League of Legends, so you can expect this strategically focused PvP automatic fighting game to be great.
An Auto Chess based on Leads of Legends

You will need to recruit, deploy and upgrade your champions from the LoL game. Your goal is to create an invincible team that can be deployed in the arena and fight battles against other users like an Auto Chess game. As you win battles, you’ll improve your soldiers, while having the strategies of the famous League of Legends MOBA at your disposal.

Here are the main features you will find in this strategy and role-playing game for iPhone :

  • Form an elite team with the champions of LoL.
  • Random recruitments and events that make each game unique.
  • Multi-media gameplay that allows you to compete against players on Android, PC and Mac.
  • Move up in the rankings thanks to its competition level.
  • Express yourself in the game through dances and emoticons.
  • Continuous updates with new content.