Until now, one of the world’s most popular platform video games, Super Mario Bros. is only available for Nintendo’s Japanese brand, developer of the entire saga of the famous Italian-American plumber’s games.

Super Mario, available on NES, SNES, GameCube, Wii, DS, Game Boy… and now on the iPhone.

But from December 2016 it will finally land on another platform, specifically on iPhone and iPad, becoming the first Super Mario game for smartphones and the first game from Nintendo, if we consider that Pokémon GO is totally developed by Nintendo and that Miitomo is more of a communication tool. This is, of course, Super Mario Run.

How do you play this version of Mario for iOS?

With the word Run on the game title, we know what to expect. This game promises to be a frenetic, endless runner-style game where you have to keep moving forward without stopping, collect coins, eat mushrooms to grow, beat turtle-shaped enemies, enter green pipes to reach other worlds and, of course, fight against Bowser-style bosses to save Princess Peach.

All the action of Mario games, now on your smartphone or tablet.

And it’s all with just one hand because it’s fully compatible with mobile devices and touch screens. Just touch the screen of your smartphone or tablet to make jumps and manoeuvres, jumping over the game’s various obstacles. But it doesn’t end there, because in principle we’re going to have three different game modes so we can have three times as much fun:

When? How do you download it?

Since the presentation in September during Apple’s Keynote with Tim Cook and Shigeru Miyamoto on the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium scenario, we know it will be before the end of the year, around December. And then, on December 15th, version 1.0 was released for 9.99 euros. There won’t be any in-app purchases as the rumors said. The game has only one payment to get the full version.

The best Christmas gift possible.

The game is downloadable through iTunes, the official store of applications for iPhone and iPad, and in fact you could sign up to be among the first. In the end, there were more than 20 million bookings to get it.

Can I play Super Mario Run for Android?

Yes, Android fans need not worry. The launch of this game is not exclusive to Apple and in the future they will be able to download the Super Mario Run APK file to their Android smartphones and tablets. However, they’ll have to wait a little longer than iPhone users because Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to release it until 2017 is well underway. At least the wait seems worth it.