Supercell is currently one of the most important mobile video games thanks, above all, to the success of Clash of Clans on Android and iPhone. This studio doesn’t stop looking for the next online strategy game bomb and its new bet is called Rush Wars.

Team strategy in a global war

This is a team strategy game where you will be able to choose between individual soldiers of all kinds to form a lethal squadron and compete against other users on all kinds of levels. The aim of the game in each battle is to defeat the enemy and take away his gold deposit in order to increase your amount of money. With it you can buy new items and upgrades that will make you invincible.

Here are the main features available:

  • Form a team of warriors that allows you to face your opponents with guarantees.
  • Join a team of players or form a team of friends.
  • Participate in a global competition against enemies from all over the world.
  • Discover all kinds of chests that allow you to unlock troops and defenses.
  • Collect commands with special abilities that will lead your squadrons in battle.
  • Protect your gold mines from attackers.
  • Discover level by level all kinds of constantly updated maps.