Plants vs. Zombies is possibly the most popular Tower Defense game since the advent of touch-sensitive smartphones and tablets and perhaps the most absurd because Bloons doesn’t count: blowing up balloons with monkeys shooting is very serious.

An exceptional tower defense for Android

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the game. It’s essentially a strategy game where you have to secure the perimeter of the house in front of a zombie invasion in the style of The Walking Dead, and where the weapons are your botanical and agricultural engineering skills.

That is to say, you must prevent the undead from approaching the porch, and to do this you have different varieties of plants that shoot against the invaders. You will have to distribute them strategically over the whole area, considering the different shots they have and where the invader wants to enter.

With this method of zombie warfare, The Walking Dead series won’t have lasted much longer.

As you can imagine at the beginning, the thing is simple: few zombies and predictable behavior. But as you progress through the game, the pressure on you will increase with bigger waves and different behaviors to penetrate to the bottom of your garden and better place your plants.
Main features

The success of this game is undeniable and it is not only available in APK version for smartphones and tablets: you can also download it on iPhone and iPad and for Windows. In all of them we will find features and functionalities such as the following :

  • Arsenal of 49 zombicidal plants.
  • 26 different zombies.
  • Buy upgrades for your defenses.
  • Unlock more than 40 achievements.
  • Different game modes.

To improve your defenses, you’ll need to collect the sunlight needed to grow the plants. You can also buy coins to get different upgrades or speed up the growth of your garden.

This video game has been so successful that it has given rise to other versions, such as the second part (Plants vs. Zombies 2), Herores or Garden Warfare, present on Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

What’s new in the latest version :

  • Backstage improvements for a better battle.