One more year, Konami launches a new version of Pro Evolution Soccer, with the intention of taking on the almighty FIFA from EA Sports, although it looks like this year it will be harder than ever. He has won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Sports Game of the Past E3 2019, but we don’t know if this will be enough to gain ground at FIFA 20.

However, Konami has decided to show up well in advance of his big opponent’s launch to try and claim himself the best football game of the 19-20 season and has already launched the PES 2020 – Pro Evolution Soccer demo so that players can have their mouths watering as they think about the exciting months of competition ahead.

Waiting for the full version, on this demo you will be able to play with 13 teams such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, FC Bayern München, Juventus, Arsenal, Palmeiras, Flamengo, São Paulo, Corinthians, Vasco da Gama, Boca Juniors, River Plate or Colo-Colo, on three different stadiums, among which the imposing Allianz Arena in Munich should be highlighted.

New features of eFootball PES 2020

Like every year, Konami’s soccer game comes loaded with new features to try to become the best soccer video game of the year and that we can try to summarize as follows :

  • Gameplay: This year, PES relies on the invaluable help of Andrés Iniesta to develop and refine the players’ movements, which has resulted in much more realistic feints and one-touch passes.
  • Master League: One of PES’s most popular game modes has been revamped. As always, you’ll be able to become the total manager, but this time you can also lead the progression through a new system of interactive dialogues, incorporating real market data to make the game even more realistic.
  • New Competitive Modes: At Konami, they focused on this year’s new competitive PES modes. On the one hand, the Matchday mode where players from all over the world will join forces to contribute to their team’s victory by accumulating points for each positive action. On the other hand, the eFootball tournaments where the best players on the planet will be able to participate.

Four game modes for the Pro 2020 demo

The previous features refer to the full version of the game and, of course, you will only be able to enjoy certain brush strokes on this demo of one of the best football games of the year. This version includes four different game modes, so you can make the most of Konami’s title:

  • Local Match: Play offline against the game’s AI to practice all the tricks learned in previous years and this season’s tutorial.
  • Cooperative: Play with friends without an internet connection on the same PC to start training the actions to succeed during the season.
  • Quick Match: Play online against opponents from all over the world by choosing one of the 13 teams available in the demo.
  • Edit mode: start editing all the formations of the major leagues of the world to have them ready for the official launch date of the game because, remember, PES does not have the license of many of the teams and you will have to customize them yourself.

Now that you know this, don’t hesitate to download the demo through Steam or buy the full game from the same platform so that you can compare the benefits of probably the world’s most realistic football game with the features of FIFA 20 at its official launch at the end of September.