One of the highlights of Monument Valley is the exquisite and beautiful three-dimensional design. The aim, simple at first glance, is to guide the princess through the various constructions and to avoid the Crow People. Find the hidden paths and eliminate optical illusions that may hide the route to be followed.

Game inspired by Escher’s Stairs.

Optical illusions and three-dimensional designs

At Monument Valley you can enjoy beautiful, impossible architecture that hides optional illusions: you may find yourself in a dead end, but if you change your perspective, you will realize that the path was in front of you. Here are some other interesting features:

  • Simple controls: Simply turn and slide to shape the world and guide the princess.
  • Sound environment caused by our actions.
  • Ability to sync the game with other devices through iCloud.

Discover Monument Valley. A very original game that generates a lot of comments.