Would you like to be able to create your own monster, as you wish, and have adventures with it? That’s exactly what MonsterCrafter offers, a game that combines the design and construction model of Minecraft with the type of gameplay found in Pokémon.

You’ll be able to experience your own adventure in an open world, squared and formed of huge pixels, and fight against all the monsters you find on your way, to get stronger and stronger and climb the ladder as a trainer.
Main features

  • The player will be able to access different types of blocks, legs, eyes and other elements to create his own monster according to his style.
  • Just like in classic Pokémon games, your first monster can be a water, fire or plant monster.
  • Players can feed their monsters, train them, and play with them to strengthen them in battle.
  • The game gives you up to three different modes: campaign, clan, and online multiplayer, where you can fight against friends and players from all over the world.

And all of this is done with the benefit of careful development, offering smooth three-dimensional graphics and complex textures. If you download his APK, you’ll love it.