Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or MOBAs, are experiencing a second youth, especially on the PC thanks to eSports and competitions between gamers, which have become so fashionable lately.

A LoL for Android devices.

But this style of video games is not exclusive to computers. This Mobile Legends: Bang bang is considered by many gamers as the definitive MOBA for Android devices (also available on iOS). In fact, many experts consider it a clone of League of Legends for smartphones, which gives you an idea of the category of game we’re talking about today: a LoL suitable for touch screens.

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How do I play Mobile Legends?

Once you have downloaded and installed the APK file, available on Google Play, on your smartphone, you will find a strategy game and team battles and take part in five-on-five battles with the intention of defeating the enemy, collapsing his towers and protecting your own.

Battles in teams of five players each.

You must move your character (there are several available as assassins, mounts, snipers or mages) on the screen through a sort of virtual joystick and attack hordes of enemies with the button represented by a sword. With the other buttons you can also cast spells and use other abilities.

As a disadvantage, we can say that this is not an intuitive game for users who are not used to this kind of gameplay. A guide is quite recommended, not to look for tricks or hacks, but simply to accompany the player and avoid him getting lost between all the options and features. Luckily, the game is translated into French and this can help to lower the level of complexity.

What’s new in the latest version

New heroes, new chessboard and update of the sacred statue system.