If sandbox block building games are in vogue it is thanks to Minecraft Pocket Edition. The video game from the Mojang company and acquired by Microsoft has quietly become a great success with millions of players all over the world.

A mix of several games

In fact, at the time of its launch this game incorporated an innovative combination of two styles: construction on one side and adventure, action and platforms on the other. In other words, it brings together different elements that allow the player to enjoy an infinite world to explore and live the adventures he wants directly on his iOS device, iPhone or iPad.

Main features

  • Build your world among all available elements.
  • Raise all kinds of buildings.
  • Enjoy the game with multiplayer modes where you will immediately find out who to play with.
  • Story Mode.
  • Explore an infinite world.
  • Face the dangers of the night.
  • Move around freely and change your surroundings to suit your taste.

The game where the only limit is in your imagination.

When the graphics don’t matter.

One of the most characteristic features of Minecraft PE is the graphics section. The game doesn’t look for a high definition of the images except that it identifies itself with the pixels of the same ones. Its look may be reminiscent of video games of the early 90s, but for millions of gamers it is their best entertainment.

For this reason, you can find a lot of resources with all kinds of tips and guides to move around, know all the commands, enjoy all the elements, build or crawl objects. In addition, thanks to the different mods and skins you will be able to customize your game experience even more.

So, if you want to explore an infinite and fantastic world on foot or by flying from wherever you want, just download this game to your iOS: their community of players counts in the millions.