There’s an awful saying that the opera isn’t over until the fat lady sings. In this hilarious Tuokio Oy studio game set in the world of opera, there are no fat ladies, but there are four fat men willing to do anything to be the protagonists of the performance. Choose one of the four tenors and prepare to be in the spotlight longer than your opponents.

Are you ready to have a good time with your friends?

Fight for glory

King of Opera is an original and fun game in which one to four players can play on the same device. The mechanics of the game is very simple: we have to sing in the spotlight for as long as possible. But it won’t be that easy, of course, because there is only one projector and four tenors.

Our character will automatically turn against himself. As soon as he looks in the direction we want him to go, we’ll have to keep our finger on the screen. The objective is to make him hit the tenor he is singing to throw him off the stage and put our artist in the spotlight. At the end of all rounds, the player with the most points will be the King of the Opera (the winner).

Avoid the horned tenor to become the king of the opera!

This hilarious proposition includes several game modes, although only the original mode is available in the free version. In addition, we can also participate in a different style of play every week, so our tenors can dress up as Santa Claus, sumo wrestlers, football players and penguins.

The music, sound effects and graphics are all excellent, providing an exceptional and humorous experience suitable for all audiences. Indulge yourself in the world of opera and end the competition with the power of your tenor’s chest.