Which football game is the best on iPhone? If you ask this question the answer will normally be FIFA or PES. And that’s the way it is… These two games are the best football games for smartphone (Android included). But, without making any noise, Dream League Soccer, the former First Touch Soccer, follows them closely and is back with its version 20.

If you usually play football on your smartphone, you can’t pass up Dream League Soccer 2020, which confirms the path initiated on the previous versions, where we find a serious simulator with great graphics.
Better AI, better graphics and more

As in previous versions, both aspects are improving. Footballers are now less predictable and matches are becoming more realistic. To win matches you’ll have to sweat: balls are not easy to retrieve and players don’t look like cones when you dribble them.

On the other hand, the graphics have been improved and the game runs at 60 FPS so the game looks sharper… the passes, shots, entrances… everything looks more real.

At the same time, it must be said that the game includes FIFPro licenses so that you can play with real footballers: you can hire for your Dream Team in Messi, Cristiano, Dybala… and, why not, even the eccentric Paulinho. However, the names of the teams are not official, so you won’t be able to play in national leagues like League 1, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga or Premier League.

Customize everything about the team: you can create PSG, OM and OL kits, for example.

Main features

Here are the main features and functions that you will be able to enjoy on your Phone or iPad by downloading this great football game:

  • Football players with official licenses.
  • Create and customize your own team. Design the blazon and sports kits.
  • Play in 6 divisions and 7 tournaments.
  • Build your own stadium.
  • Develop players’ skills as you play such as accuracy in passing and shooting.
  • Score end-of-season goals and fight for them.
  • Share your achievements and scores online in the Game Center.
  • Synchronize game progress through iCloud.

And like any football game, it has to have good players representing it, this time Gareth Bale… more expensive than Cristiano Ronaldo, the one who gets hurt the most and who has a lot of trouble passing (but game wouldn’t give him to Benzema either, really).