In 1995 and from the hand of Westwood Studios appeared one of the most important series of real-time strategy games in the history of video games: Command & Conquer. Two fake armies (GDI or Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod, led by Kane) were fighting for the control of the mineral resource of Tiberium. The success was such that the franchise was bought by Electronic Arts and divided into several series, each with its own story: Tiberium, Red Alert and Generals.

Command & Conquer for Android

And the saga ends on Android with Command & Conquer: Rivals. The game is part of the Tiberium war series and takes us back to the beginning, with the armies of GDI and BON. A game that uses an online paradigm to fight against other players in 1vs1 games.

One of the classics of real-time strategy with Dune and Warcraft.

This mobile version is heir to everything we’ve already seen on C&C and we’ll have to pay attention to strategy as well as to the production of units and technologies, combining infantry, tanks or aircraft to get an invincible army. Here are the main characteristics that await us:

  • Online battles against other players.
  • Two armies to choose from.
  • Daily challenges with rewards.
  • Evolving gameplay where you can acquire skills as you complete missions.
  • Cinematic sequences that accompany the plot.

Now, downloading the APK file is still complicated because the game is in the pre-registration phase. You still have to wait for the final launch. However, we recommend that you do so because it will surely be worth the wait. Who said anything about Clash of Clans?

What’s new in the latest version :

  • Error correction transparent to the user.