This is the new part of the eternal fight between the pigs and the birds, accompanied by the Transformers. Autobirds and Deceptihogs fight on Angry Birds Transformers.
Strength in numbers

Angry Birds experiments a radical change and presents its classic formula combined with an action shoot’em up. Autobirds and Deceptihogs will have to fight together to save Piggy Island from the EggBots, the robot eggs ordered by EggSpark. Smooth out the angles and join your enemy, for the good of the planet.

Autobirds and Deceptihogs together.

Key Features

  • Collect all the heroes and villains.
  • Enjoy unique powers and abilities.
  • Turn the bird or the pig into cars, planes, tanks, trucks…
  • Upgrade warriors’ weapons.
  • Unlock Hasbro’s Telepods to resurrect or upgrade robots.

Download Angry Birds Transformers for iPhone and save Piggy Island.